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June 18, 2018

Newspaper assignment
Golf Friday
Gr. 7 BBQ Wednesday 5-7pm
Have a good day!
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June 14


1. POLs for those who did not go today. I was soooo proud of how well they did today! Thank you to those parents who came to watch. I know a number of you booked time off of work!

2. Sphero Golf will take place June 21st.

1. Spirit Assemblies tomorrow
2. Fun Day afternoon. Grade 6s please wear the colours of your group. Gr.7s wear Dallas wear if possible. Your hoodies would count.
3. Hot Lunch tomorrow
June 13, 2018

Presentation of Learning Thursday, June 14
Spirit Week! Thursday is Crazy Hair Day!
Library books due back Friday
FunDay is Friday
June 12, 2018

Gr. 7 Year end Math test Wednesday, June 13
Culture's project presentation Wednesday, June 13
Presentation of Learning Thursday, June 14
Spirit Week! Wear Dallas colors
Gr. 6 pg. 16 #1-2
Twin Day June 13
June 11, 2018

Gr. 7 Year End Math Test, Wednesday
Culture's Project Presentation, Wednesday
Presentation of Learning, Thursday
Library books due back Friday, June 15
Spirit Week! Wear Dallas colors

June 8


1. POL is June 14
2. Sphero Golf Course is June 20
3. Math 6 - pg 10/11
4. Math 7 - practice sheet has gone home. Nelson Focus website for extra help. Year end test is June 13.
5. Culture Project

1. Pineridge Golf = June 22
2. Aboriginal Day = June 26
3. Spirit Week is next week:
      - Monday is Water balloon Catch
      - Tuesday is Water Relay
      - Wednesday is Twin day and Lego Creation day
      - Thursday is Crazy Hair
      - Friday is Spirit Assembly and Fun Day

June 7


1. Presentation of Learning - June 14
2. Literature Booklet #2
3. Sphero Golf Assignment - June 20
3. Culture Assignment
4. French Brochure is overdue
5. Math 7 - Weekly Review #18 is due Friday and Year end math test is June 13

1. No Hot Lunch tomorrow
2. Spirit Week is next week and will end with Fun Day on Friday afternoon
3. June 22 Golf Field Trip
4. Grade 7 Water slides/ Grade 6 Aboriginal Day - June 26

Have a great Day!