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May 31


1. Year End Math Test for Gr. 7s is June 13
2. Gr. 6 Math have at test tomorrow
3. POL is June 12.
4. French brochure is June 6
5. Literature Booklets are now overdue
6. Socials Culture project - continue working on
7. Science worksheet and questions are overdue

1. Sunnybrae is Monday: Parents must be able to pick up from the school at 4pm
2. Valley View trip for Gr.7s is June 7
3. Golf is June 22
4. Water slides and Marion Schilling on June 27
5. Hot Lunch tomorrow
May 30, 2018

French Project due Wednesday, June 6
Literacy booklet
Grade 7 Math test June 13
Grade 6 Math test June 1
Social Studies Culture project finish all lessons up to beginner review #1 for June 6
Presentation of Learning
May 28, 2018

Grade 7 year end math test Tuesday, June 5
Literature book
Punctuation booklet (? , !)
Grade 6 pg. 32 for Math
Yearbook forms due Tuesday
May 25, 2018

French: Questions #1-15, due Monday to Mr. Whitelaw
Math: Gr. 6 Chapter 4 test Friday, June 1
Presentation of Learning
Literacy Booklets due Wednesday
Yearbook forms due Monday

MAY 24


Math 7- none

Math 6- none

POL speech- June 7

Language arts booklet due next week

Comma sheet due date upcoming

Punctuation sheet due date upcoming

Sunny Brae permission forms are OVERDUE!!!

May 23, 2018
Bring a rock to school for Friday!
Take home a plant & replant it
Literature books
Permission forms: Sunnybrae

May 22, 2018

Sunnybrae permission forms
Presentation of learning
Math Grade 6: pg. 29
Math Grade 7: 9.5
Newsella paragraph due May 23

May 15


1. Gr.7 Math 9.3 and 9.2 on Math Focus Online
2. Poetry Projects are due Thursday
3. Planning for Presentations of learning - June 8th
4. Socials - Culture Project
5. French booklet

1. Paul Lake tomorrow - Please come prepared with proper clothing, sunscreen, bug spray (if desired), and lots of water.
2. Various field trips forms need to be returned.
3. No school on Friday or Monday
May 14, 2018

Math 6: Census, ask your parents about it. Pg. 27
Math 7: Pg. 9.1 & 9.2
Poetry Thursday
Paul Lake fishing form
Presentation of learning speech
Gr. 7 Vernon water slide forms
Sunnybrae money & form

May 11


1. Math 6 project is overdue
2. Socials - Culture Project
3. June Presentation of Learning. Begin to collect items to showcase your learning and growth.
4. Poetry notebook and project is due next Friday.

1. Please bring a baseball glove, helmet, or softball if you have one. Monday
2. Learn to Fish is May 16
3. Valley View Visit is June 6 for Gr. 7s
4. Golf is June 22 at Pine Ridge
5. Social Tests went home

Have a great weekend!

May 10


1. Poetry Project is due next Friday

2. Math 6 project is due tomorrow

3. Socials Culture Projects

4. Begin to Reflect on your Learning for your Presentations of Learning. This is your last and final speech.


1. Learn to Fish - May 16.

2. Sunnybrae permission forms

May 9

May 9, 2018
Track & Field: Zone's @TCC Thursday, May 10
YPC Thursday, May 10
poetry book next Thursday may 17
Field trip package

May 7


1. Poetry - Diamante (Haikus, Tankas, Couplets, Acrostics are overdue)
2. Math 7 Cartesian Plane presentations take place tomorrow.
3. Social Studies Maps are well overdue

1. Track and Field is Thursday
2. YPC is Thursday

Have a great day

May 4


Bring back permission form back for learn to fish
Math 7's finish stop motion picture Due Monday
Math 6's have city map
social OVERDUE

zones next Thursday

May the 4th be with you!

May 3


1. Language Arts you need to finish your Cinquians.
2. Splinkachu is overdue
3. Social Studies - Maps are overdue
4. Math 6 - pg 280 - 281. Pg 69 in Math booklet.\
5. Math 7 - Cartesian Plane Stop Motion Video is due Monday.

1. Hot Lunch
2. Bring in gloves and shovels to finish our planting.
3. Zones Track and field is next Thursday. Forms are past due
4. Learn to Fish forms are due tomorrow
5. Bring in a baseball glove and ball for our baseball unit starting Monday. Only if you have one you can bring in.

May 2, 2018

1. Math 6- 1-12 not 10 homework page 69 due friday
2. math 7- nothing
3. Paul lake may 16- bring sunscreen hat etc.
4. Social Studies Map
1. parloff today after school and teacher race tommorrow at lunch
2. have a great day!!

May 1, 2018

1. splinkacho due tommorow
2. paul lake form Due May 4 please bring back asap
3.math 6 pg 67 text book 280 281
4. socials Due tomorrow
parlof tomorrow here at dallas!!
good luck to the flag football players!
Have a epic day!!