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September 30th

September 30, 2015

Watch for a newsletter coming home by next Monday.

Language Arts:

1. There will be no vocab/spelling this week. We have been working on the different types of nouns and their uses instead.

2. Reading: We have moved on from finding the main idea and summarizing. We are now learning the importance of using your background knowledge to further understanding.

3. Writing: We have finished learning about finding ideas and developing them in our writing. Students have a rubric they are working from and have been given individual feedback to improve their writing skills.

4. Their will be a weekly review in Language Arts this week and a quiz next week.


1. We have learned all of our Divisibility Rules (2,5,10,3,9,6,4,8). Their will be a quiz on those on Friday and we will have a unit test October 12.

2. Students have had some homework this week. They should have completed1.3 and 1.4 as well as pg 21 odd numbers. Students are expected to have memorized their 3 and 9 mul…
Sept 24

Things to remember:
Technology for our Kahoot game.A Toonie for Terry. Terry Fox run is tomorrow.There is no School on Friday.Study for your Math Quiz tomorrowPop Bottles for our Chemistry Lab Up-Coming Dates:
October 15, Field Trip to the Big Little Science Center.   Dec 2nd SkatingDec 8th, Mary Poppins.Jan. SkiingMay Eagle Bay
September 22, 2015

The Terry Fox Run is tomorrow, so please bring in your Toonies!

Language Arts

This week we will continue working on our reading comprehension strategies. We are learning how to identify the main idea, find supporting details, and write a one sentence summary. We are also working on how to refine our own writing ideas. We are also working on a new set of words.


Students have a quiz on Thursday. They will be expected to know: Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, Square Numbers, Arrays, and the Divisibility Rules for 2,5, and 10. Students are also working on their rules for 3 and 9.

*If you are needing any extra help in Math, please come in at lunch or after school for help!

Students are learning about the physical properties of matter as well as the different states of matter.

* Please bring in your empty water or pop bottles! We are trying to conduct our first experiment so the sooner the better!

Students are continuing to learn about the Canadian Go…
September  21-25

Upcoming Events:
September 22 is the first family math night from 6:00pm - 7:00pmSeptember 24 is the Terry Fox run. Please remember your Toonie for Terry!September 25 is a Pro-D Day. Chemistry Lab. Please bring in a 500ml plastic bottle.Field Trip to Big Little Science Center in October (Chem Lab).Mary Poppins in DecemberSkiing in JanuaryHomework and Reminders:
Language Arts Weekly Review Vocab/Spelling List #1Math Weekly ReviewMath pg.6 Odd numbersComputer permission formThis Week:
Writing: We will continue working on how writers come up with ides. We will also be moving on to organization. How do writers organize their ideas.
   2.   Reading: We will be finishing our Three Column Notes strategy for  identifying the main idea, 
       finding supportive details, and summarizing in our own words.

  3.  Math: We will review last weeks concepts (Primes, Composites, Squares, Arrays, and  
      Divisibility rules for 2, 5, and 10). We will also learn our rules for 3, 6, an…
September 14

Today we began our spelling and vocabulary unit. The first quiz will be next Monday.In Math we began a review worksheet that is due Friday. We also started our unit on Divisibility rules. We reviewed the concepts of: Prime numbers, Composite numbers, Square numbers, and an array. In Gym we played capture the flag. Please bring your gym strip and have at school to use everyday. We will begin our soccer unit tomorrow.Things to Remember

School Supply money and formsTerry Fox Run - September 24 (Toonies for Terry are starting next week!)September 25 is an in-service day.September 22 & 29 @6pm is our Family Math nights.

Together, WE can do AWESOME things!

Our theme for the year is "together, we can do awesome things!" This theme will be our focus in all that we do. Last week we spent sometime sharing our awesome qualities and participated in some teambuilding activities. Together we will help each other achieve our personal goals and celebrate each others successes. We will do this by celebrating someone's unique awesomeness and goal achievement each week. Check  back for these updates!

September 14-18  This week we will settle into our schedule and distribute our school supplies. Last Friday, I sent home the school supply fees as well as a Family Math night notice. Here is a breakdown of this weeks schedule:   This week students will be receiving their first spelling/vocabulary list. Tests will occur on Mondays. Language Arts: will begin our first unit in writing as well as our reading comprehension unit.
Math: students will be receiving their first weekly review that the need to complete by Friday (Gr. 7s only). Students wi…