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November 30th

Important Information

1.  Christmas scripts and costume requirements will be coming home this week. Costumes will need to be ready and at school no later than December 14th. This is because we will have a dress rehearsal that day. Our play will have two performance times on December 15th. One will take place after lunch and the other will take place after the primary concert which begins at 6:00pm. It is expected that students will be rehearsing for their part every night for 20 or so minutes.

The students are extremely proud about this play; they have created the plot and written the entire script themselves. How awesome is that?!! I have worked hard to ensure that everyone who wanted a role has one and overall, I think the students are pleased and excited. Students who did not express an interest in acting are in charge of the set, lights, sound, and costumes.

2.  We have been given a spot at Sunny Brae camp from May 30 - June 1. We need to send our deposit in to confirm our spot. I…

November 24

Homework Spelling 3 activities

Grade 7's page 77 #'s 1,3,4,6,8,9,12 and page 85 #'s1,3,4,6,8

Other We will be having a Christmas play the date is TBA 
Skating forms WE NEED DRIVERS PLEASE TELL YOUR KID IF YOU CAN DRIVE we will be skating at valleyview arena on  DEC 2 and we need forms ASAP

Monday, November 23

HomeworkWrite rough script for play DUE WEDNESDAY10 onomatopoeia words and 5 words from your IRAGRADE 7's math finish interactive fraction booklet
 Other We are creating a class play for the Christmas concert which is TBASkiing forms and information Skating forms and permission slip Mary Poppins permission slip and form ALL PERMISSION SLIPS AND FORMS DUE ASAP

November 18

Sentence Types assignment. Students took home a note sheet that explained: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. They are to write two examples of each sentence based around a common topic or theme. Science Notes: Students are to finish their Cornell style notes for Ch 5 in Chemistry as well as answer questions on page 134-135 (#s 2,3,5-7).Spelling worksheet: Students are to complete two boxes from the assignments. Current Events to share for tomorrow.Home ReadingMath weekly review #7 as well as the questions from the Smartboard. Upcoming Events: Skating, December 2Mary Poppins, December 8Christmas Concert Dates to come!  I am excited to let you know that we will be creating our own Christmas play this year. Students will audition for the parts starting next week. I will do my best to make sure that every child who wants to have a part in the play will have one. Also, students who are not interested in performing will be in charge of the sound, lights, and…

November 13

In-terms have gone out this week. I am still waiting to receive signed forms back from a number of students. Please sign or initial your child's progress report so that  I know you have seen it.

Also, I have decided to host tutorial sessions for Math and Reading/Writing once a week as a way to provide extra support. This will be an opportunity for students who would like some extra guidance in those areas to have more one on one attention.

Reading for 20-30 minutes four times per week.Spelling/Vocabulary test will be Monday.Cornell Notes for Science Ch5 Other:

Scholastic orders are due back on Monday.
Hoody Orders for Gr.7s were due today

Have a great weekend everyone!

November 10

In-terms came home today, please sign the bottom and have your child return it to school on Thursday.

Students gave their first mini-presentation today. They worked in pairs to learn about various wars Canada participated in and created a slide presentation that explained their findings.

Home ReadingSpelling Current EventsWork Collected Recently

Bullying paragraphSpelling/Vocabulary activitiesBiderbicks Don't CryGreek MapRemembrance Day Slide PresentationMath Unit Test Students who are missing work or are struggling to be successful will be asked to attend the Homework room at lunch until they are successful. I am also available during recess and lunch throughout the week.

November 7


New Word List - 15 words. Students choose 10 "sion" words and 5 words from their home reading or the world around them. Students are working on their making connections word assignment.Good copy of Bullying Paragraph is due Monday. It is to be typed and printed using a computer. Students may wait to print this at the school. They must review their rubric and writing expectations from this week before submitting their work. We are working on organization. Paragraphs must include:  a creative hook, clear topic sentence, three main points with supportive details, three different transition,sequencing words to connect their ideas, three vivid verbs (students must select three verbs and replace them with more interesting ones using a thesaurus. These words must be underlined in their paragraph), and an effective conclusion using one of our new strategies. The closing must be different from the hook. Students must also have creative title.Biderbicks Don't Cry short sto…

November 2

Homework Spelling-15 words Short story questions Writing- endings paragraph Grade 7s math pg 130-131 questions 4,7,8,9 Newspaper Home reading Grade 6s questions 1-4
Events Book fair Thursday