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November 7


  1. New Word List - 15 words. Students choose 10 "sion" words and 5 words from their home reading or the world around them. Students are working on their making connections word assignment.
  2. Good copy of Bullying Paragraph is due Monday. It is to be typed and printed using a computer. Students may wait to print this at the school. They must review their rubric and writing expectations from this week before submitting their work. We are working on organization. Paragraphs must include:  a creative hook, clear topic sentence, three main points with supportive details, three different transition,sequencing words to connect their ideas, three vivid verbs (students must select three verbs and replace them with more interesting ones using a thesaurus. These words must be underlined in their paragraph), and an effective conclusion using one of our new strategies. The closing must be different from the hook. Students must also have creative title.
  3. Biderbicks Don't Cry short story questions. We are working on elements of a short story.
  4. Remembrance Day Art and Poppy.

Up-Coming Events

  1. November 9th - Monthly Newsletter 
  2. November 10th - Remembrance Day Assembly. Please wear black, red, or white that day.
  3. November 10th - In-terms. These must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned by November 12th.
  4. December 2nd - Skating
  5. December 8th - Mary Poppins 


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June 21


1. Landscape art for our collaborative write


1. Tomorrow is our Pine Ridge Golf Day. Please bring a hat, water, sun screen and clubs if you have them. They can be dropped off ahead of time if needed. Lunch is provided. Also, for the afternoon please bring in a board game if you can.

2. Sphero Golf project is overdue

3. Aboriginal Day for Grade 6s is June 26th

4. Grade 7 Waterslide trip is June 26th

5. Pictures of childhood for Gr7s to Mr. Schmidt

June 12, 2018

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Culture's project presentation Wednesday, June 13
Presentation of Learning Thursday, June 14
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