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December 9

Hi Everyone,

I sent two letter's home today. The first one explains the Christmas play times, costumes, Sunnybrae and the last day of school. The second is a flyer for you to show friends and relatives to invite them to see our play.

|The students have worked really hard on this and are doing a great job!

* Please have your costume to school by Friday at the latest. We are having two dress rehearsals. One on Friday afternoon and one on Monday.


Ancient Greece projects are due next week. Presentations will begin on Tues/Weds. Rough drafts should be completed. If you are having trouble getting everything done on time and feel you need a bit more time please let me know. Interview with an Elf assignment is due Monday.Math Unit Test is December 16th. Please come out for peer tutoring if you need help! Peer tutoring is tomorrow in the homework room.Chemistry unit test is December 17th. Study your notes!

December 4

Up -coming Dates

Dec 7th (Monday) is a Pro-D Day and there is no school.Dec 8th we are attending Mary Poppins, this will take most of the day. Students will be asked to eat most of their lunch at recess because we will be gone during lunch hour.Dec 10/11 Report Cards will be coming home. December 15 is our Christmas Play. Their will be two shows: 1:30pm and 6:30pm.

Ancient Greece Project: Slides and rough draft of the essay (including proper citations) should be done by Wednesday. Presentations will be on Tuesday and Wednesday of the following week.  Math Quiz on Fractions is Dec 8th. Unit test is December 15th.Line Memorization and Costumes need to be done by next week.Interview with an Elf (Christmas Character) Planning sheet.

November 30th

Important Information

1.  Christmas scripts and costume requirements will be coming home this week. Costumes will need to be ready and at school no later than December 14th. This is because we will have a dress rehearsal that day. Our play will have two performance times on December 15th. One will take place after lunch and the other will take place after the primary concert which begins at 6:00pm. It is expected that students will be rehearsing for their part every night for 20 or so minutes.

The students are extremely proud about this play; they have created the plot and written the entire script themselves. How awesome is that?!! I have worked hard to ensure that everyone who wanted a role has one and overall, I think the students are pleased and excited. Students who did not express an interest in acting are in charge of the set, lights, sound, and costumes.

2.  We have been given a spot at Sunny Brae camp from May 30 - June 1. We need to send our deposit in to confirm our spot. I…

November 24

Homework Spelling 3 activities

Grade 7's page 77 #'s 1,3,4,6,8,9,12 and page 85 #'s1,3,4,6,8

Other We will be having a Christmas play the date is TBA 
Skating forms WE NEED DRIVERS PLEASE TELL YOUR KID IF YOU CAN DRIVE we will be skating at valleyview arena on  DEC 2 and we need forms ASAP

Monday, November 23

HomeworkWrite rough script for play DUE WEDNESDAY10 onomatopoeia words and 5 words from your IRAGRADE 7's math finish interactive fraction booklet
 Other We are creating a class play for the Christmas concert which is TBASkiing forms and information Skating forms and permission slip Mary Poppins permission slip and form ALL PERMISSION SLIPS AND FORMS DUE ASAP

November 18

Sentence Types assignment. Students took home a note sheet that explained: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. They are to write two examples of each sentence based around a common topic or theme. Science Notes: Students are to finish their Cornell style notes for Ch 5 in Chemistry as well as answer questions on page 134-135 (#s 2,3,5-7).Spelling worksheet: Students are to complete two boxes from the assignments. Current Events to share for tomorrow.Home ReadingMath weekly review #7 as well as the questions from the Smartboard. Upcoming Events: Skating, December 2Mary Poppins, December 8Christmas Concert Dates to come!  I am excited to let you know that we will be creating our own Christmas play this year. Students will audition for the parts starting next week. I will do my best to make sure that every child who wants to have a part in the play will have one. Also, students who are not interested in performing will be in charge of the sound, lights, and…

November 13

In-terms have gone out this week. I am still waiting to receive signed forms back from a number of students. Please sign or initial your child's progress report so that  I know you have seen it.

Also, I have decided to host tutorial sessions for Math and Reading/Writing once a week as a way to provide extra support. This will be an opportunity for students who would like some extra guidance in those areas to have more one on one attention.

Reading for 20-30 minutes four times per week.Spelling/Vocabulary test will be Monday.Cornell Notes for Science Ch5 Other:

Scholastic orders are due back on Monday.
Hoody Orders for Gr.7s were due today

Have a great weekend everyone!

November 10

In-terms came home today, please sign the bottom and have your child return it to school on Thursday.

Students gave their first mini-presentation today. They worked in pairs to learn about various wars Canada participated in and created a slide presentation that explained their findings.

Home ReadingSpelling Current EventsWork Collected Recently

Bullying paragraphSpelling/Vocabulary activitiesBiderbicks Don't CryGreek MapRemembrance Day Slide PresentationMath Unit Test Students who are missing work or are struggling to be successful will be asked to attend the Homework room at lunch until they are successful. I am also available during recess and lunch throughout the week.

November 7


New Word List - 15 words. Students choose 10 "sion" words and 5 words from their home reading or the world around them. Students are working on their making connections word assignment.Good copy of Bullying Paragraph is due Monday. It is to be typed and printed using a computer. Students may wait to print this at the school. They must review their rubric and writing expectations from this week before submitting their work. We are working on organization. Paragraphs must include:  a creative hook, clear topic sentence, three main points with supportive details, three different transition,sequencing words to connect their ideas, three vivid verbs (students must select three verbs and replace them with more interesting ones using a thesaurus. These words must be underlined in their paragraph), and an effective conclusion using one of our new strategies. The closing must be different from the hook. Students must also have creative title.Biderbicks Don't Cry short sto…

November 2

Homework Spelling-15 words Short story questions Writing- endings paragraph Grade 7s math pg 130-131 questions 4,7,8,9 Newspaper Home reading Grade 6s questions 1-4
Events Book fair Thursday

October 30

Homework: -15 spelling words -Science Cornell notes pg 117-120 -Fringe questions -Newspaper -Ancient Greece questions -Gr. 7 Decimal unit test- next Friday
Upcoming Events -Book fair- next week

October 26

This Week:
YPC Concert is on Oct. 27. Please have all permission slips in by Tuesday or you will not be able to attend with us.Chapter 4, Chemistry Test is Tuesday.Grade 7s have a Decimal Math Quiz Tuesday.Spelling will be given out this week.Government Paragraph will be due.Our first short story and questions. Students will also be learning their first element of a story. Homework:
Study for Ch.4 Chem test.Rough Draft of Government Paragraph.Math 3.6/3.7Decimal Quiz PreparationInference Magazine  worksheet.Home readingCurrent Events

October 19

This week:
October 21 & 22 are Parent/Teacher Interviews. Early dismissal is at 12:30 both days. Make sure you have selected a time.October 23 is Pro-D and there is no schoolOctober 27th is our first Young Peoples Concert. A permission form will be sent home this week.
Home Reading: Many people are already starting to forget to read for 20-30minutes per day for four days a week. This is actually part of the curriculum that is expected from the Ministry of Education and must be done. Current EventsChapter 4 - Chemistry test is Monday, October 23.Math 3.3 and 3.4 is due. Students will not have a weekly review this week. Students will have a second assignment due on Monday.Social Studies questions on Government. Unit test will be October 25. We will be moving on to Ancient Greece after that.Students will begin working on a second writing assignment due Friday.

October 15

I want to thank everyone who helped drive to the Big Little Science Center today! We really appreciated your help. I think the students enjoyed their experience and overall, they represented our school very well. Way-To-Go!

Home readingCurrent Events3.1/3.2 for MathMath Weekly Review.Rough draft for paragraph Up-Coming:

Parent/Teacher Interviews are October 21-22 - I sent a letter home today with the link. Please sign-up for a time but if you need to make alternate arrangements please send me an email at We will have an early of 12:30 on dismissal both days. Pro-D Day is October 23 so there is no school.

October 13

Up-Coming Events:

Parent teacher interviews please sign up through I will be adding hours for evening appointment times. If you need a different appointment time please feel free to email me and I can make other arrangements.Our first field trip to the Big Little Science Centre is Thursday. We will be participating in a Chemical Reactions lab. Thank you parent drivers!Picture day is tomorrow.Pro-D is October 23rd.Magazine and Coupon book sales are due back this week. Homework:

Home Reading. Students are responsible for reading 20-30minutes per day for a minimum of four days per week.Grade 7s have their weekly Math Review #4 and the worksheet 3.2. Many students performed very well on their unit test. They should feel proud of themselves!Current Events is due this week as well.Tomorrow students will be working on a paragraph and may have some work to do on a reading assignment if they do not finish it in class.Instead of vocab, students are working on verbs this week. They wil…

October 6th


Five "tion" spelling words as well as five  words from reading. Home reading. Your reading log will be checked this Thursday.Math practice. Students should have reviewed their 3 and 9 X table. Current Event is due Thursday.Divisibility Unit Test is Friday! Grade 7's only.Up Coming:
Field Trip forms will be sent home tomorrow and need to be returned Friday. Our BLSC trip is October 15th.Picture day is Oct 14th.Parent/Teacher Interviews are Oct 21-22. I have set-up an online site to book your time through. Follow the link There will be times after dinner as well and I will add those in the next few days.Pro-D is Oct 23.

October 5 - 6

The October Newsletter went home this week. Please read it to see the many things we have learned this Month!


Reading for 20-30 minutes per day. Students now have a reading log that will be checked weekly.Math skills: working on multiplication table (3, 9). Gr. 7s only - Gr. 6s have Mrs. WourmsMath Divisibility Unit test is Friday, October 9th. Gr. 7s onlyNoun quiz Monday (common, proper, collective, abstract).Language Arts weekly review #2 due on Monday.Current events due Oct. 9 Dates:

Field trip to Big Little Science Center is October 15th. Parent drivers are needed. Please let me know if you are available. If we don't have enough drivers, we will take the bus and it will be $4.00 each.Parent Teacher Interviews are October 21/22.Pro-D is October 23 - No School

September 30th

September 30, 2015

Watch for a newsletter coming home by next Monday.

Language Arts:

1. There will be no vocab/spelling this week. We have been working on the different types of nouns and their uses instead.

2. Reading: We have moved on from finding the main idea and summarizing. We are now learning the importance of using your background knowledge to further understanding.

3. Writing: We have finished learning about finding ideas and developing them in our writing. Students have a rubric they are working from and have been given individual feedback to improve their writing skills.

4. Their will be a weekly review in Language Arts this week and a quiz next week.


1. We have learned all of our Divisibility Rules (2,5,10,3,9,6,4,8). Their will be a quiz on those on Friday and we will have a unit test October 12.

2. Students have had some homework this week. They should have completed1.3 and 1.4 as well as pg 21 odd numbers. Students are expected to have memorized their 3 and 9 mul…
Sept 24

Things to remember:
Technology for our Kahoot game.A Toonie for Terry. Terry Fox run is tomorrow.There is no School on Friday.Study for your Math Quiz tomorrowPop Bottles for our Chemistry Lab Up-Coming Dates:
October 15, Field Trip to the Big Little Science Center.   Dec 2nd SkatingDec 8th, Mary Poppins.Jan. SkiingMay Eagle Bay
September 22, 2015

The Terry Fox Run is tomorrow, so please bring in your Toonies!

Language Arts

This week we will continue working on our reading comprehension strategies. We are learning how to identify the main idea, find supporting details, and write a one sentence summary. We are also working on how to refine our own writing ideas. We are also working on a new set of words.


Students have a quiz on Thursday. They will be expected to know: Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, Square Numbers, Arrays, and the Divisibility Rules for 2,5, and 10. Students are also working on their rules for 3 and 9.

*If you are needing any extra help in Math, please come in at lunch or after school for help!

Students are learning about the physical properties of matter as well as the different states of matter.

* Please bring in your empty water or pop bottles! We are trying to conduct our first experiment so the sooner the better!

Students are continuing to learn about the Canadian Go…
September  21-25

Upcoming Events:
September 22 is the first family math night from 6:00pm - 7:00pmSeptember 24 is the Terry Fox run. Please remember your Toonie for Terry!September 25 is a Pro-D Day. Chemistry Lab. Please bring in a 500ml plastic bottle.Field Trip to Big Little Science Center in October (Chem Lab).Mary Poppins in DecemberSkiing in JanuaryHomework and Reminders:
Language Arts Weekly Review Vocab/Spelling List #1Math Weekly ReviewMath pg.6 Odd numbersComputer permission formThis Week:
Writing: We will continue working on how writers come up with ides. We will also be moving on to organization. How do writers organize their ideas.
   2.   Reading: We will be finishing our Three Column Notes strategy for  identifying the main idea, 
       finding supportive details, and summarizing in our own words.

  3.  Math: We will review last weeks concepts (Primes, Composites, Squares, Arrays, and  
      Divisibility rules for 2, 5, and 10). We will also learn our rules for 3, 6, an…
September 14

Today we began our spelling and vocabulary unit. The first quiz will be next Monday.In Math we began a review worksheet that is due Friday. We also started our unit on Divisibility rules. We reviewed the concepts of: Prime numbers, Composite numbers, Square numbers, and an array. In Gym we played capture the flag. Please bring your gym strip and have at school to use everyday. We will begin our soccer unit tomorrow.Things to Remember

School Supply money and formsTerry Fox Run - September 24 (Toonies for Terry are starting next week!)September 25 is an in-service day.September 22 & 29 @6pm is our Family Math nights.

Together, WE can do AWESOME things!

Our theme for the year is "together, we can do awesome things!" This theme will be our focus in all that we do. Last week we spent sometime sharing our awesome qualities and participated in some teambuilding activities. Together we will help each other achieve our personal goals and celebrate each others successes. We will do this by celebrating someone's unique awesomeness and goal achievement each week. Check  back for these updates!

September 14-18  This week we will settle into our schedule and distribute our school supplies. Last Friday, I sent home the school supply fees as well as a Family Math night notice. Here is a breakdown of this weeks schedule:   This week students will be receiving their first spelling/vocabulary list. Tests will occur on Mondays. Language Arts: will begin our first unit in writing as well as our reading comprehension unit.
Math: students will be receiving their first weekly review that the need to complete by Friday (Gr. 7s only). Students wi…

Welcome Grade 6 and 7 students!

Welcome to Mrs. Mangell's Grade 6/7 class!

I am excited to join the amazing Dallas teaching staff this year. I am looking forward to learning about the school culture and the great students and families that attend here. I plan on using the blog to help keep students and parents informed on events, activities, and what we are learning.