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October 5 - 6

The October Newsletter went home this week. Please read it to see the many things we have learned this Month!


  1. Reading for 20-30 minutes per day. Students now have a reading log that will be checked weekly.
  2. Math skills: working on multiplication table (3, 9). Gr. 7s only - Gr. 6s have Mrs. Wourms
  3. Math Divisibility Unit test is Friday, October 9th. Gr. 7s only
  4. Noun quiz Monday (common, proper, collective, abstract).
  5. Language Arts weekly review #2 due on Monday.
  6. Current events due Oct. 9

  1. Field trip to Big Little Science Center is October 15th. Parent drivers are needed. Please let me know if you are available. If we don't have enough drivers, we will take the bus and it will be $4.00 each.
  2. Parent Teacher Interviews are October 21/22.
  3. Pro-D is October 23 - No School


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June 21


1. Landscape art for our collaborative write


1. Tomorrow is our Pine Ridge Golf Day. Please bring a hat, water, sun screen and clubs if you have them. They can be dropped off ahead of time if needed. Lunch is provided. Also, for the afternoon please bring in a board game if you can.

2. Sphero Golf project is overdue

3. Aboriginal Day for Grade 6s is June 26th

4. Grade 7 Waterslide trip is June 26th

5. Pictures of childhood for Gr7s to Mr. Schmidt

June 12, 2018

Gr. 7 Year end Math test Wednesday, June 13
Culture's project presentation Wednesday, June 13
Presentation of Learning Thursday, June 14
Spirit Week! Wear Dallas colors
Gr. 6 pg. 16 #1-2
Twin Day June 13