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December 12


1. Ancient Egypt Slide presentations are tomorrow. Make sure you are ready to go!

2. Math: Flyer Percentage assignment. Due Wednesday.

3. Line Memorization and costumes need to be ready by tomorrow


1. Some students are participating in a Secret Santa. The limit is $5.00 and gifts are due this Wednesday.

2. Play is Wednesday at 1pm in the gym. The entire school is coming!!!! Mrs. Ross is video taping and will share the link for us!

3. Pancake Breakfast. Please bring a plate, fork, knife, and any toppings you like. I am providing the pancakes, butter, and Syrup. This is Friday and we will watch our play as we eat.

4. Harper Ski forms have gone home. Please bring them back as as soon as possible.

Dec 8


1. Christmas is fast approaching, and so is our play. The primary focus for our actors is getting their lines memorized.

2. Math 4.7 due tomorrow unless you are an actor and you have some extra time.


1. Christmas play is Dec 14th at 1pm. We are looking for a parent who is interested in video taping our performance. If you are able to help please email me.

2. Hot lunch is tomorrow

3. KSO field trip is tomorrow morning



1.Egypt Multi paragraph Assignment is due on Tuesday. This project has been extended until then.

2. Math 4.3 and 4.4 due tomorrow. These are worksheets.

3. Scripts must be memorized

There is no school on Monday

Christmas Concert - Next Tuesday, please wear white and black

Christmas play is Dec. 14