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April 28

Hi Everyone,

Today I sent home all of the Sunnybrae forms; the forms and any payments must be returned by Friday, May 6th. The reason for this is that I must have all of the payments and forms in to Sunnybrae two weeks prior to out arrival. I have also included our itinerary for our trip.Tomorrow is our second track rotation and students need to bring their gym strip. There has been a few people who have come unprepared for the day.Statistics project presentations will be on Monday. Groups must have all of their tables and charts ready for sharing.Face on a Milk Carton storyboard has been started. Up-Coming

Inspire from TRU will be working with students tomorrow morning.May 11 is our school track meet.Sunnybrae is Monday, May 30 - June 1

April 14

Congratulations to our fundraisers in our Swimathon! All students participated and represented our School very well! Some students managed to raise their entire trip costs!


1. Poetry Project is due Monday.

2.  Statistics quiz is Friday. Students must demonstrate understanding of means, medians, modes, ranges, and outliers.

3. Students are working on a data collection project in small groups. This will be due April 22. Students are expected to work through google docs so they can share their work with the other members of the group.

4. 14 questions should be generated for chapters 3 and 4 from our novel study Face on a Milk Carton.

5. Science drawing for an atom are now due.

6. Social Studies questions from the United Nations are now due.

7. YPC Field Trip is tomorrow.


1. April 18th is a pro-d day and there is no school.
2. April 20th is Parloff at Dallas.
3. April 27 McGowan Parloff
4. April 28 Westsyde Drama Production: The Diary of Anne Frank field trip.
5. Apri…
Tomorrow is our Swimathon! Please make sure to bring in your forms, money, and permission slips. You will also need a swim suit and towel.

Tomorrow there will be an ice cream sale at lunch. One $2.00 cone per person.


1. Math pg 350-351. Weekly review #15 is due Weds and there is a Statistics quiz on Mean, Median, Mode, and Range on Friday.

2. Science. Proton, Electron, and Neutron diagrams are due Weds.


1. YPC is Friday
2. Parloff is April 20
3. Track Meet is May 11
4. Anne Frank is April 28.
5. April 18 is a Pro-D Day.
6. Sunnybrae is May 30-June 1.