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Jan 31


1. 10.5 Math worksheet.

2. Speech - Book Report which is Feb. 23

3. Literature Booklet for your novel is due Friday.

4. Science pg 9 Qs 1 &2.


1. Formal Day - Tomorrow

2. Skating is Feb. 8

3. Lego Creation Day is Feb 2

Jan 30


1. Speech - Book review is due Feb.23

2. Treasure Island is now late for 6s and is due tomorrow for 7s.

3. Math - Measurement unit test is tomorrow.

4. Comparative Paragraph is now late.

5. Blue folders - some are still missing. Make sure your parents have singed yours!


1. Crazy Day tomorrow - Wear your wackiest hair.

2. Fancy Day is Weds

2. Skating is Feb. 8 - Some forms are still missing

1. Practice for your Measurement unit test. There is the Nelson Math Focus link on the the previous day. Test is Tuesdays

2. Good Copy of your Comparative Paragraph. This must be stapled to your rough draft.

3. You may begin working on your book review speech.

4. Treasure Island comprehension sheets are due on Tuesday for the grade 7s


1. Skating is February 8th.

Extra Math Practice

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give everyone the Nelson BC Math Focus link. If you are wanting to build in some extra math practice into your routine this site has some questions that you can complete online. It is also the brand of books we carry in our grade 6 and 7 classrooms. This would be a great way to prepare for tests and gain some extra practice at home. I will consider adding it to our regular routines as well.

Our upcoming test on Measurement can be found in chapter 5 for grade 7s and chapter 8 for grade 6s.

Math Focus 6 and 7 Link:

Jan 26


1. Treasure Island Booklet - Is due on Friday for grade 6s and is due on Tuesday for grade 7s.

2. Rough Draft of Comparative paragraph is due tomorrow.

3. Measurement unit Test is Tuesday.


1. Tubing tomorrow - Helmets are mandatory. You will not be able to use the consession.

2. Skating forms are due. Skating is Feb 8th

January 23


1. Prepare for measurement unit test. This will take place on next Tuesday.

3. Comparative paragraph - Similarities between Pirates and Sailors. Including the use of three correctly used transitions. Good copy is due Friday.

2. Home Reading. Students are to be reading 20 -30 minutes per night.


1. Students finished their Rotary Speeches today. Overall, these were fantastic! Students did a really great job and should feel very proud of their efforts. Our school competition is going to be on Wednesday after noon in the community center. It has been a really tough decision! There were a number of excellent scores and interesting topics!

2. FSAs are underway and will continue on tomorrow.

3. We have been looking at our language arts rotations and have made some minor adjustments. Our literature circles have started and students are receiving their novel in the next few days. We have also expanded our skills in sentence writing. Students have shown growth in this area. We a…

Jan. 17


1. Practice Rotary Speech - make sure that you are not over 4 minutes. This will be presented on January 23 and the school competition is due January 25.

2. Venn Diagram for Pirates vs. Sailors

3. Treasure map assignment

4. 20 minutes of home reading


1. Students in grade 7 begin their FSA tests tomorrow.

2. Skating February 8

3. Pro-D Friday (Jan. 20)

4. Parent Teacher interviews are Jan. 26 from 1-5 please email me if you would like to set up a meeting time. I will be sending home individual requests next week.

Jan 16

Blue folders are ready for home. They will have the signature sheet before we leave tomorrow for skiing.


1. Math 5.6
2.Rotary speeches - Please begin practicing them
3. Venn Diagram for Compare/Contrast paragraph
4. Map - Treasure Map


1. Skiing tomorrow
2. Pro-D is Friday
3. Parent Teacher Interviews are Jan. 26 from 1-5pm
4. Skating is Feb 8

Jan 13


1. Rotary Speech: Class speeches are Jan. 19th. Students have a  handout and are welcome to ask me for help.

2. Math 5.4 and weekly review #14 is due Monday.

3. Home Reading 20-30 minutes.


1. Lion King Permission form

2. Driver Confirmation from some parents for Tuesday.

3. Pro - D is the 20th

Jan 9


1. Speech writing - this will be presented on Jan.19 and the top 3-4 students advance to the school competition that will be held on Jan. 25 in the community center.

2. Study for Math test which is on this Thursday.

* Note: Our Space/Ocean project has been placed on hold. We have just started a few new units in class and we have a lot on the go for those.

- We have also begun a new Literacy program. Students are working on a number of skills and have a duotang that you may wish to look at. These will be marked once a week. Our novel will begin near the end of this week and will make up part of this. Mrs. Jenkins our LART teacher will also be coming in daily to help with our literacy stations.

1. Skiing this Wednesday.
2. Jan 20 is a Pro-D so there will be no school.
3. Jan 18th is a field trip to KSA - we will be watching their Lion King production

Jan. 6


1. Weekly Review 13 due Monday

2. Rotary Speeches should be worked on this weekend as well. Students have a handout for this.

3. Math unit test on Percents is on Thursday, Jan. 12

4. Home Reading 20-30 minutes


1. Skiing - January 11/17. Thank you so much to our drivers! We really appreciated your help :)
2. January 18 - KSA field trip to watch "Lion King." Forms will be sent home Monday.

Jan 5


1. Sentence Worksheet #4 is due tomorrow.

2. Percent Unit Test is next Thursday.

3. Math 4.6 and Test Yourself questions are due tomorrow.

4. Science Topics are due Monday. Student/Teacher consults will take place then.

5. Rotary Speech competition sheets went home today. The classroom speeches will take place the week of the 20th. The school wide speech will take place on January 25th. Everyone will participate in the class competition and the top 3-4 students will move on to the school level.


1. Skiing days are Jan.11/Jan.17
2. Non-Instructional Day is Jan 21

January 4


1. Home Reading: 20 -30 minutes per night for the rest of the week. Please have your parents initial the agenda.

2. Math - Percent test is January 12th.


1. We ski next Wednesday and the following Tuesday and we are still looking for drivers.