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Nov. 30

Notice about the Christmas concert and the Christmas play went home today. It is a green sheet! Please read and let me know if you have any questions.


1. Egypt Essay is due Friday. There is a booklet for this and they are working in groups of 2 or 3.

2. Math 4.3 and The Nutritional Assignment is due Friday.


No School on Monday

Nov. 25


1. Math Robots need to be finished and handed in. Math questions on the board are due

2. Egypt Project: Multi paragraph is due Friday. One per group. There is a handout explaining the entire project and what is expected for this. Please check this with your child.

3. Line practice. If you have lines they have been shared with you and you need to be practicing regularly.


1. Christmas concert is Dec 6 @6:30 you must be here by 6:10. We are singing the 12 days of Christmas. Please let me know if you are away.

2. Christmas play is Dec.14 @1:00 pm. Please let me know if your child will be away.

Nov 25

There is no homework this weekend!


1. We will be singing the 12 days of Christmas at the Christmas concert! The Christmas concert is Dec 6th at 6:30. Students must be at school by 6:10pm. Please send a note if you are not going to be there as soon as possible.

2. Our Christmas play is Dec. 14 at 1 pm and our entire school is coming to watch. Parents are encouraged to come. We are hoping that one parent for each student will be able to attend. We recognize the difficulty for some schedules, and we will be video taping and sending the link to those who are unable to make it.

3. There is no blue folder going home this week. The blue folder will be sent home again next week.

4. Please bring in a pair of head phones soon

Nov. 22


1. Vocab Quiz - Friday on "im" and "in" prefix words. The prefix means "not."

2. Unit Test on Fractions on Friday.

3. Fraction Robot Assignment. There is a handout for this and it is due on Wednesday

4. Script Memorization for actors


1. Headphones. Please bring in a pair of headphones as soon as possible

Senior students from Kamloops School of the Arts play writing and drama course came down to help us with our script. What a productive afternoon; the students learned a ton!

1. Vocabulary words - "im" and "in" prefix words. Quiz next Friday.
2. Home Reading
3. Math Unit Test on Fractions is next Friday. Seek help at lunch from me if you need it!



1. Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow - "ir" prefix words. Commonly misspelled words are eighth and believe.

2. Math Quiz - Fractions tomorrow. Students should know how to create equivalent fractions, add and subtract like fractions, add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators, create improper fractions, create mixed numbers, add and subtract fractions with whole numbers, and reducing fractions to their lowest terms.


1. KSA's senior play writing and drama students are coming in tomorrow to work with our class on our Christmas play!

2. Students need to be getting their costume organized and have it at school next Monday.

Nov. 16


1. Math worksheet. There was a copy handed out to each student. These questions are due tomorrow.
2. Vocabulary quiz on "ir" words are on Friday.
3. Script practice
4. French Letter Actions practice for Tuesday


December 6 - Christmas concert. A notice went home yesterday with information about our play.

December 5 - No School

December 9th - KSO Concert - Some permission slips were already due and several still need to be handed in.


1. Vocabulary - "Ir" words: Test is Friday

2. Math fraction quiz is Friday

3. French letter actions - practice for Tuesday


Nov. 9


1. Just vocabulary. Quiz tomorrow on "il / ill" words.


1. Art Cards went home today.
2. Remembrance Day Assembly is tomorrow at 10:45
3. No school on Friday

Nov. 8


1. Vocabulary

2. Reading for 20 -30 minutes

3. French Alphabet signing


1. KSO field trip forms due back this ASAP!

2. Clothing orders due Monday. Samples are at the office to try on



1. Vocabulary: "il/ill" - meaning "not" words. Commonly misspelled/used words are: calendar and conscientious.


1. Purdey's forms went home today.
2. Students should be working on their costumes

Nov. 3


1. Study for Unit Test in Decimals

2. Egypt Map and Questions - Their is a worksheet and a number of reference maps with this.

3. Math 3.8 and Test Prep Questions

Nov. 2


1. Study for Decimal Unit Test - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and BEDMAS

2. Egyptian Map and Questions

3. Current Events - New Story for this week.


1. Book Fair is on. Pay for books tomorrow. Students previewed their books today.

Nov 1


1. Decimal Unit Test on Friday

2. Egypt Map is due Friday. Egypt map also has questions that students must answer using a number of different maps.

3. Current Events - due Thursday. Some class research time was given. Students needed to find a local problem or issue and report on it.


1. Costumes have been assigned to a number of parts. Please speak to your child about their part and what our costume plans are for their part.