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Nov 1


1. Decimal Unit Test on Friday

2. Egypt Map is due Friday. Egypt map also has questions that students must answer using a number of different maps.

3. Current Events - due Thursday. Some class research time was given. Students needed to find a local problem or issue and report on it.


1. Costumes have been assigned to a number of parts. Please speak to your child about their part and what our costume plans are for their part.


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June 21


1. Landscape art for our collaborative write


1. Tomorrow is our Pine Ridge Golf Day. Please bring a hat, water, sun screen and clubs if you have them. They can be dropped off ahead of time if needed. Lunch is provided. Also, for the afternoon please bring in a board game if you can.

2. Sphero Golf project is overdue

3. Aboriginal Day for Grade 6s is June 26th

4. Grade 7 Waterslide trip is June 26th

5. Pictures of childhood for Gr7s to Mr. Schmidt

June 12, 2018

Gr. 7 Year end Math test Wednesday, June 13
Culture's project presentation Wednesday, June 13
Presentation of Learning Thursday, June 14
Spirit Week! Wear Dallas colors
Gr. 6 pg. 16 #1-2
Twin Day June 13