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1. Vocabulary. Students must know how to use the words in a sentence this week. We are working the root word "acu."

2. Students should generate a project of interest for ancient Rome. I will be working with each student to create a project that suits their interests and skills.

3. Writing. Students are working on a multi paragraph assignment on a job they would want in their future.


1. Parent /Teacher Interviews are Friday, February 5th. I encourage everyone to come and see how their child is doing. This will be an open house type structure and I will visit with each parent in the order they come. The interviews will be held from 1:00-3:30. It will also be a half-day at school.

Jan. 25


Percent unit test is tomorrowVocabulary Test is FridayTree paintingMulti-Paragraph Writing assignment - Future JobAutobiography project - Overdue Tubing is this Friday, please bring a helmet!!

Spelling/Vocab: We are continuing to work on Latin/Greek roots. This week we are looking a "spec" - meaning "to look."Math: Make sure that all Math Journals are up-to-date. A list of concepts were put on the board.Autobiography project. Final due date is Jan. 28 as they are due to be sent out to the publisher.Persuasive Paragraph good copy is to be completed and turned in for Tuesday. Students must also submit their planning work. Up-Coming Dates:
Skiing on Jan. 19FSA - Jan 21-28Pro-D is Jan. 22YPC is Feb. 12Skating is Feb. 8 I will be working on a newsletter to send home this week. This will outline all we have covered in Dec and Jan as well as let you know what we will be learning in the near future.

January 14

Weekly review #10 - is overduePersuasive Writing - Rough Draft Up-Coming Dates:
Skiing Jan 19Skating is Feb 2ndYPC Feb 12FSA Gr.7s only is Jan 21-28. Important Info:

1. FSA letter went home to parents today.
2. Students who are concerned about their devices being monitored or tracked by the school etc... do not need to be worried. The IP address is simply needed to provide wifi access to the student. Students are excpected to comply to the school district's policy around technology devices. An additional newletter outlining the policy and device usage will be sent home soon.

Jan. 12

Skiing is tomorrow! It is going to be a great time! Please make sure that you arrive on time. If you are brining in your ski/snowboard gear I will let you in early. Also, remember to arrange a ride home as we will be arriving back shortly before 4:00pm.

Math 4.5 and Weekly Review #10 is due Thurs.Persuasive Writing planner is due on Thurs. Comparative writing assignment was due Friday and a there are a number of lates on this.Front cover of the Autobiography project. Other:

We ski again next week on the 19th and are still looking for a few drivers to helps us out.

January 7


Math 4.4 due tomorrow. Weekly review #10 is due Jan. 14.Compare/Contrast Paragraph - Rough Draft Due Friday Morning.Autobiography Project  and personal photos uploaded and shared to Mrs. MangellSpelling - words and meanings
Students are working on two projects right now. The first one is an Autobiography that they will turn into a hard-copy book that will be published. They are encouraged to find pictures from their childhood or sport teams etc... and share them through their google accounts for me to print off.
Next, students are working on a school community projects called "Intermediate Games." Students will be working in their groups to host two activities that students in intermediate grades will compete in over a seven week period.
Our first ski day is next Weds and that is very exciting. We will not arrive at the school until later that day, so students need to arrange rides.

January 6


 Math pg 4.2 and 4.3SpellingHome ReadingAutobiography projectPosters for Intermediate Games Up-Coming Events:
Jan 13 - Skiing at Harper Jan 22 - Pro-D

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break!
We are already working hard and we have a number of projects on the go. I should let you know that I am know teaching Math to the grade 6s and 7s. Also, the FSA test is this month for the grade 7s and more information will be coming home about this next week. Should you have any concerns please feel free to email me or contact me at the school.
1. Students are working on 15 spelling words. We are working on words with Greek and Latin roots. This week we are looking at the root "form."
2. Students are creating a Venn diagram and list for a compare/contrast paragraph. This is due tomorrow and the final product will be finished this Friday.
3. In Math, students should be working on their multiplication table but the class will be working on Percents. 
4. Students are working on a school community project called "Intermediate Games" and an individual book project where we are working on autobiographical writing…