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Sept 30


Math Weekly #3New Vocabulary - This week we are learning the Greek/Latin Root word "Fin" Students have generated a list of ten of their own words. Miss used words this week are "whether" and "weather"Home ReadingCurrent EventsMath Unit Test October 7 Other:
1. Parent/Teacher Interviews Oct 12-13
Parents sign up for parent teacher interviews. Link on Blog or Dallas website.


3 Column Notes for MesopotamiaScience Booklet - Catch me if you can lab and questions.1.6/1.7 MathVocab quiz is tomorrow
1. Leadership form is going home today. 2. Current Events worksheet is coming home today. They have one week to complete. 3. Home Reading Log is going home today. Please return in one week. 4. Magazine Orders are going home

Parent Teacher Interviews Link

Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held October 12 and October 13. Simply click the link below to sign up. There will be a link on the Dallas homepage as well. If you are unable to make one of those times, please email and we can arrange another time.

Thank you!


September 28



1. "Ful/Full" Vocabulary. We generated a list of words ending in "ful" or "full" and students had to choose ten that were at their level. The commonly misused words for this week are "principle" and "principal" New words come home Friday.

2. Zentangle leaf drawing is due Friday.4

3. Home reading. Students will be reading four times per week for 20-30 minutes. A weekly sheet will be coming home Friday and will stay in their duo tang for parent signatures once per week.

4. Math Unit test is October 7


1. Students are completing their district Non-Fiction Reading Assessment this week. Once marked they will come home to see how they did.

2. Math help. I began my once a week group tutoring sessions and a number of students came in. If your child is struggling in Math it would be a great time to get extra help. Also, the Khan Academy website has many great step by step videos that can help students understand the c…

Sept 22


1. Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow
2. Math Quiz tomorrow


1. 80s outfit for Terry Fox run
2. Meet the Teacher Night - 6pm. Please enter in the parking lot by the gym.

September 20


Math: 1.3 and board questions. Quiz on Thursday

Socials: Mesopotamia mapping questions (Pg 1)

Science questions from the reaction lab

Vocabulary quiz Thursday


Meet the Teacher night is from 6-7 pm

Terry Fox Run is Thursday. Toonies for Terry is being collected

September 19


Vocabulary Quiz ThursdayMath quiz is ThursdayX Table PracticeCurrent Events  Other:  Meet the Teacher is September 22 at 6:00Terry Fox Run is September 22 (Toonies for Terry)No School Friday

3 Column Notes - pg 54-56 of the Literacy Book.1.2 Math Sheet and Weekly ReviewParagraphs
Other: Terry Fox Run - 80s outfitMeet the Teacher Sept 22No School on the 23

September 15


X Table ReviewMath 1.1 and 1.2 - Quiz next ThursdayLiteracy pg 28. 3 Column NotesVocabulary workMesopotamia Mapping Assignment
Other: 80s Outfit for Terry Fox Run Shhhhhhh!Meet the Teacher Night Sept 22 at 6pmPro-D is September 23 = No schoolTerry Fox Run is Sept 22. Toonies for Terry and a bright neon outfit!Newsletter for Grade 7s went home today regarding the year end trip!

X Table PracticeVocabulary Words up to number fiveMath 1.1Math Quiz on Sept 22Current Events
Up coming :
Terry Fox Run September 22 - REMEMBER TO FIND 80s OR NEON CLOTHES FOR THE RUN!. Prizes for the best costume.Meet the Teacher Sept 22.Non-Instructional day is Sept 23

September 13


Math X Table practiceVocabulary List PracticeFirst Math Quiz Sept 22. Up-Coming Dates:
Terry Fox Run on Sept 22. We collecting  Toonies for Terry again this year.Meet the Teacher Night is Sept 22 from 6pm - 7pmSept 23 is a Pro - D day so there is no school.Parent Teacher Interviews will be held October 12 and 13.Ice Cream tomorrow and Thursday at lunch for $2.00

September 9


Sound Track for Summer AssignmentMultiplication Table Other:
School Photos - September 13th
Pro - D September 23 - No School Gym strip and propper footware Meet the Teacher will be September 29th