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May 19

We will be starting our Family Life unit next week. Forms will be coming home next week.


Face on a Milk Carton Chapter 17-18 questionsMath 7.3Current Events and NGO - Red CrossNewspaper Assignment
Up-Coming Events:
Zone Track Day is May 24Sunny Brae is May 30 - June 1Grade 7 waterslides is June 28.Golf is June 7th.Brock Pool trip is June 27

May 10


Math questions from the boardParagraph using punctuation types. This is on Google Classroom and should be submitted through there.Punctuation sentences. These are to be submitted through Google Classroom.There is an Algebra quiz this Friday.Punctuation Quiz this Thursday.
Track day is tomorrow!! Please come prepared for any weather condition. Students are expected to try their best!

May 5

Track and Field is tomorrow; students need to come prepared. If a student is unable to participate in Track, I will need a note. I have spoken to a couple of parents already. Unless I have a note, students will participate.
Sunnybrae forms and fees are due tomorrow. Students who have not paid there fees or who have not handed in their forms will lose their spot. It would be unfortunate if this were to happen.  Homework:
Novel Study Ch 13 &14 QuestionsPunctuation Quiz is next Thursday.Math 9.5/9.6 and Weekly Review #17 Up-Coming Events May 11th is our School Track meet!May 16th is a Pro-D day.May 30-June 1 is our Sunnybrae field trip.June 7th is our Golf field trip to RivershoreJune 27 is our Brock Swimming pool field trip and picnicJune 28th is our awards assembly.June 29 is the last day of classes and this is a half day.

May 3

May 4

Forms and Sunnybrae are due this week. Please get those in as soon as possible!Smoothie Sale tomorrow and Thursday - Smoothies are $2.00 Novels Chapers 12 and 13 read for tomorrow.Newsletters went home today.Weekly Review #17 is due tomorrow. Statistics projects and presentations are due tomorrow.Poetry projects were due a long time ago now and there are a few students have yet to hand them in.
All students with outstanding work will be sent to homework club over the next few days.