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The End of Year is Near!
Dates to remember:
June 22 is the Gr.7 BBQJune 24 is Fun Day. Grade 6/7 students will be able to sign up to run a station.June 27 is the field trip to the Brock Pool. Students will need to pack a lunch for this.June 28 is the Gr.7 water slide day.June 29 is the last day of school. This is a half day and their is a year end assembly that day.
Students are encouraged to start sorting through their things and binning some of their things home. 
Also, students have finished their year end exams and will be bringing these home. Students have already received their math exam back and I am quite pleased with their results! Their exam in writing will be available early next week.
Up-Coming Events

1. Gr.7s to Valley View Secondary is tomorrow, June 8th.
2. June 24th is Fun Day at the School and Hot Dog Day.
3. June 27th is the trip to Brock Pool.
4. June 28th the Gr.7s to the Water slides in Vernon.
5. June 29th is the last day of school and it is an early dismissal day as well as the year end assembly.


We are done with regular homework for the year. Students are expected to be preparing nightly for the final exams in Math and Language Arts. Students will  be given 1.5 hrs for each but students will likely finish in 45-60 minutes.

Math Final = June 13

Language Arts = June 14