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Sept 29


1. Literature Booklet #2 is overdue. If you do not hand it in by 8:35am on Monday you will spend your lunch completing the work!

2. French Test is Monday. Counting to 40 in French.


1. Picture Day is Monday
2. Tier 1 Girls Monday at lunch
3. Tier 2 Girls Tuesdays at lunch

Sept 28

Vocabulary this week is Corp - Body

1. Corporation
2. Corpse
3. Corporal
4. Incorporate
5. Unincorporated
6. Mega corporation
7. Incorporation
8. Incorporable


1. Vocab practice.
2. Multiplication practice/Nelson Focus online questions for Gr.7s
3. French test Monday
4. Math 6 Test tomorrow
5. First Speech is October 27 - This is on a recent scientific discovery. Please refer to green handouts.

1. Orange Shirt Day tomorrow- we will be discussing residential schools tomorrow.
2. Picture Day is Monday.
3. Bring 2/3 of a cup of rice or popcorn kernels.

September 27


1. Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow.

2. Literature Booklet #2 due Friday

3. Nelson Math Focus Online student questions (2,5,10 and 3,9). Gr.7 only. Record your score!

4. Grade 6s. Math Test on Ch2 Friday

5. French Quiz - Unite 1. Numbers, school supplies, ingredients.

Up-Coming Events:

1. BBQ is tomorrow.

2. Orange Shirt Day on Friday.

Tough like Terry. The class did a great job dressing up for our run today!

September 21


1. Working on new Vocab words - Fin words. There are 8 (final, finite, confine,definitely, indefinite, finish, refine, and undefined.

2. Students can be working on next weeks Literature booklet.

3. Gr.7s in Math have a quiz on Tuesday. Worksheet 1.4 is due Monday.

4. Review French Vocab


1. BBQ on Sept 26 - Meet the Teacher

2. No school tomorrow

September 15


Literature Booklet - Due Tuesday, Sept 19Vocabulary - Form Words -Due Weds (5 words total) Sept 20Grammar Sheet - Common/Proper Nouns worksheet Sept 19Journal - Due Tuesday Sept 19Gr 7s have 1.1 in Math as well as 2,3,5,10 Xtables due Monday Sept 18Gr.6s have no homework in Math

Up-Coming Events

1. Terry Fox run - Sept 21 - Thursdsay. Please bring in a Toonie ($2.00)
2. No Parent meeting - On Sept 20.
3. Please bring school fees.
4. Friday Sept 22 - No school

Welcome to Class

I would like to take a moment to welcome you to class! I am excited to get to know all of my new students and their families. Listed below are a few things to know.

Once class lists have been finalized and updated on our system I will email you. If you have not received an email from me by next week please contact me to make sure I have all of the proper information.
I will be postponing the Parent information night to the following week. There are still a few changes taking place within the school and I want to make sure that I provide an opportunity for parents to attend. This meeting will take place on September 27 at 6:00 pm in my classroom. It will be short (45 min)
I will be using the blog for daily communication about upcoming work and assignments. Students are expected to write in their agenda daily as well as check the blog.
Please follow me, this way you will not have to check but will receive automatic updates.
Early morning fitness will take place one per week in collaboration …