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September  21-25

Upcoming Events:
  1. September 22 is the first family math night from 6:00pm - 7:00pm
  2. September 24 is the Terry Fox run. Please remember your Toonie for Terry!
  3. September 25 is a Pro-D Day.
  4. Chemistry Lab. Please bring in a 500ml plastic bottle.
  5. Field Trip to Big Little Science Center in October (Chem Lab).
  6. Mary Poppins in December
  7. Skiing in January
Homework and Reminders:
  • Language Arts Weekly Review
  • Vocab/Spelling List #1
  • Math Weekly Review
  • Math pg.6 Odd numbers
  • Computer permission form
This Week:
  1. Writing: We will continue working on how writers come up with ides. We will also be moving on to organization. How do writers organize their ideas.

   2.   Reading: We will be finishing our Three Column Notes strategy for  identifying the main idea, 
       finding supportive details, and summarizing in our own words.

  3.  Math: We will review last weeks concepts (Primes, Composites, Squares, Arrays, and  
      Divisibility rules for 2, 5, and 10). We will also learn our rules for 3, 6, and 9.

4.   Socials: We will continue working on Canadian government. We have discussed democracy,  
      dictatorship, and an oligarchy and looked at examples of each. We are becoming informed
      citizens and we are preparing for the student vote.4

5.   Science: We have learned about chemistry in everyday life. This week we are going to be
      learning about the properties of matter.

6. Fine Arts: We will submit our first sketch and continue working on our graffiti names.

7. Gym: We will continue working on our soccer skills and may move into the community center
    once a week for fitness.


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