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September 30th

September 30, 2015

Watch for a newsletter coming home by next Monday.

Language Arts:

1. There will be no vocab/spelling this week. We have been working on the different types of nouns and their uses instead.

2. Reading: We have moved on from finding the main idea and summarizing. We are now learning the importance of using your background knowledge to further understanding.

3. Writing: We have finished learning about finding ideas and developing them in our writing. Students have a rubric they are working from and have been given individual feedback to improve their writing skills.

4. Their will be a weekly review in Language Arts this week and a quiz next week.


1. We have learned all of our Divisibility Rules (2,5,10,3,9,6,4,8). Their will be a quiz on those on Friday and we will have a unit test October 12.

2. Students have had some homework this week. They should have completed1.3 and 1.4 as well as pg 21 odd numbers. Students are expected to have memorized their 3 and 9 multiplication tables.

3. We have been using our whiteboard tablets to practice regularly and they have improved greatly. If they are still needing explanation they should see me at lunch for extra help.

Social Studies:

1. We have been learning about the features of the Canadian government. We have learned that Canada has three levels and three branches of government. Students have been interested in our discussions and they have participated really well.

2. This week students needed to find and report on their first current event. The event needs to be news and we have learned what the word "news" means. Their current events must be global, national, or regional. Many important events were shared.


1. We have continued through our unit I Chemistry. We have learned about the various properties and states of matter. Students have enjoyed learning about chemistry in everyday life.

2. Our first field trip is scheduled October 15th. I am sending a note home in search of parents who would be interested in driving to the Big Little Science Center for our lab in Chemical Reactions. If we do not have enough parents the cost will be $4.00 per person for the bus.


1. We have finished several sketches and are starting our first painting. I am excited to see how these will turn out!

Speaking and Listening:
1. Students have learned about Rants. Students are working on a template and topic for a rant of their own.


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