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Together, WE can do AWESOME things!

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Our theme for the year is "together, we can do awesome things!" This theme will be our focus in all that we do. Last week we spent sometime sharing our awesome qualities and participated in some teambuilding activities. Together we will help each other achieve our personal goals and celebrate each others successes. We will do this by celebrating someone's unique awesomeness and goal achievement each week. Check  back for these updates!

September 14-18 
This week we will settle into our schedule and distribute our school supplies. Last Friday, I sent home the school supply fees as well as a Family Math night notice. Here is a breakdown of this weeks schedule:
  •   This week students will be receiving their first spelling/vocabulary list. Tests will occur on Mondays.
  • Language Arts: will begin our first unit in writing as well as our reading comprehension unit.

  • Math: students will be receiving their first weekly review that the need to complete by Friday (Gr. 7s only). Students will also begin our unit on Divisibility.

  • Science: we will begin our unit in chemistry and will try our first experiment.

  • Social Studies: we will begin our unit on government.

  • Gym: Please bring your gym clothes this week. We will begin our soccer unit.

  • Art: Students will create their first sketch assignment.


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