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Blog Update! Feb. 16

Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry for such a long pause on my blog! I have been so busy these past two weeks but I guess who isn't :)

Important Dates:

  1. Skating tomorrow! Don't forget your skates and helmets!
  2. Speed Control is here on Thursday. This is a special presentation from the NHL!
  3. Friday is a Pro-D day and there will be no school.
  1. Students should continue to work on there Ancient Rome projects. These have been developed by the student with support/consultation with me. These are projects that are to be creative and use each student's interest and skill set. There will be no essay/report but students are expected to have some print out information on their topic to explain in our exhibition style presentation. Many students have come up with some amazing projects and they should feel very proud of themselves.
  2. Math. There will be a quiz on probability next Monday. Students are aware of the key terms and concepts that are on our Math word wall. Students also should complete Weekly Review #12.
  3. We are skipping vocab this week but students will still have a test on last weeks words tomorrow.
  4. Science Ch10 quiz is next Tuesday. Students have been working on their new note-taking strategy "Digital Notes."
  5. Writing: Students are working on their Poetry booklets and should have two Clerihews completed as well as Haikus, Tankas,  and Acrostics. Students have also worked on completing similes, metaphors, hyperboles, and onomatopoeia. Projects will start next week.
  6. Reading: Novel Study - The Lightning Thief. Chapters 2-3 were do today and Ch 4-5 is due Thursday morning.


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