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March 2


1. Career Planning sheet is now overdue. Lucid press poster is due March 14th
2. PBL - Diversity Proposal is due March 12th
3. March Speech is on the 29th
4. ADST - Business Name and Problem is due Weds March 7
5. French Test - March 6

1. McQueen Lake field trip is Monday. Please come with proper outside clothing.
2. Brock Digital media safety presentation is Thursday.
3. March 16th is swimming.
4. Grade 7 Flag football tryout after school Monday
5. Report Cards come home on the 16th. This is the last day of school until after spring break.

Please make sure you have all of your forms signed and in!

Have a good Day!


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Agendas: Wednesday, March 7

1. Brock field trip tomorrow
2. Career assignment due March 15
3. March speech on the 29th
4. ADST Business project Slides 1-7 due Monday
5. Swimming March 16th
6. Grade 7's - Valleyview Form - returned to office ASAP
7. Grade 7's Valleyview parent meeting - Tuesday, March 13 at Valleyview Secondary
8. Term 2 Report Cards being sent home March 16th
9. Young Artists (optional) due tomorrow
10. Have a good day

June 21


1. Landscape art for our collaborative write


1. Tomorrow is our Pine Ridge Golf Day. Please bring a hat, water, sun screen and clubs if you have them. They can be dropped off ahead of time if needed. Lunch is provided. Also, for the afternoon please bring in a board game if you can.

2. Sphero Golf project is overdue

3. Aboriginal Day for Grade 6s is June 26th

4. Grade 7 Waterslide trip is June 26th

5. Pictures of childhood for Gr7s to Mr. Schmidt

May 4


Bring back permission form back for learn to fish
Math 7's finish stop motion picture Due Monday
Math 6's have city map
social OVERDUE

zones next Thursday

May the 4th be with you!